Cultivate the mushroom industry

At present, it has succeeded in trial planting of flower mushrooms and agrocybe cylindracea, and promoted to the whole county.

Intelligent greenhouses increase income

In 2020, the pairing assistance headquarter of Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, built the vegetable and flower production base in Wensu County, providing jobs for 30 local surplus laborers.

A bumper harvest of pomegranates

At present, fruit growers reap a bumper harvest of pomegranates in Wuzun Town, Kuqa City, and are busy picking and selling.

Xinjiang Hutubi: Textile enterprise is busy in production

The company is mainly engaged in cotton textile processing and cotton trade, and has provided more than 1,000 employments for local people.

Yuli County, Xinjiang: Million mu of machine-picked cotton enters the harvest period

Yuli County is one of the important high-quality fine-staple cotton and high-quality cotton producing areas in China. Its unique geographical location and climate make the cotton have long fiber, good color and high quality.